Awards and Trophies

10 Sep 2016

Time Trial Championship events are designated at the start of the season. Trophies are held for one year. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are also awarded to the first 3 placed riders.

Event Trophies:
10 mile Championship: Earnest Chandler Trophy

25 mile Championship: Tom Peacock Cup

50 mile Championship: 50 Mile T T Cup

100 mile Championship: Steve Fullerton Trophy

Due to a lack of local 100 mile Time Trials, any 100 mile TT in Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire or Lancashire qualifies for the 100 mile championship.

BAR (Best All Rounder) Trophies: The BAR Trophy is awarded to the rider with the fastest average speed for five events consisting of 2 x 10 mile TT's, 2 x 25 mile TT's and one 50 mile TT. All events must be open and held on Teesside District courses.

There is also a BAR Runner-Up Trophy.

The Vets BAR Trophy is awarded on standard.

The Junior BAR Trophy is based on the fastest average speed for 1 x 10 mile and 1 x 25 mile TT.

Hill Climb Trophy

Northern Echo Novice Trophy awarded to best novice

D E Simpson Memorial Rose Bowl awarded on handicap time at the Club 25 mile Championship

Oriska Turner Trophy is awarded for outstanding achievement, the winner also receives a Small Shield

The George Siddle Cup is awarded to the fastest club member at the Club Open 10 mile TT

The Hole in the Wall Trophy is awarded to the winner of the Club 10 Series

The Road Racing Shield is awarded based on the average of the best placings in three Road Races

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