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  1. Club runs, including entry level rides 
  2. Castles ride, 6th August 2017

    Photos from the Castles ride - http://wilfmcnaughton.zenfolio.com/p876656684  Cheers Wilf

  3. Young Walter Garside

    All, Message from Brian Ashton to let everyone know that Walter is now home following his hip replacement. Hopefully not too long before he's up and about. Cheers Wilf

  4. Christmas Lunch
  5. New DCC website - Q&A

    ok, the errors have been fixed, so all pages should be accessible by members.

  6. There are 2 pairs of XL Endura shorts in stock, going for a bargain price of £25.00 each. Drop me an email or call me if you're interested.
  7. Club Kit
  8. New DCC website - Q&A

    Welcome to the "alternative" DCC website - the plan is that if it's acceptable to the majority it'll replace the current site.  It's developed using some freebie software from www.cyclingclubsoftware...

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